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About Us

Gurukul of Foreign Languages, Gurugram, is a language –learning hub offering courses in nine most –popular foreign languages from around the world. Here we not only make you read, write and speak a language but also explore it in depth and understand it.

Our aim

To create awareness among people that by learning languages, one can not only build a career but also enhances one’s personality and self-esteem, while growing into a person who is sensitive towards people from different cultures and religions.



GOFL is committed to being the best Foreign language school. Our language Gurus or teachers guarantees high quality and good service. We have proved that it is possible to offer quality foreign languages classes at reasonable prices.



Our highly qualified and experienced teachers together with our excellent course plan are the keys to our success.


To insure our high level of quality classes, our teachers and services are evaluated constantly and we pay special attention to our student’s comments and suggestions.

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