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Learn Arabic Language


1- ARABIC-A Popular language

Spoken by well over 400 million people spread across more than 25 countries of the world. The majority of these Arabic speaking countries are located in the Middle East and in the Northern Region of Africa. As of 2018, It is the official language in 25 Middle Eastern and African countries, such as Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and many more. The Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language in the world and is also among the United Nations (UN) sixth official languages.

Higher educ
2- Higher Education

If you are interested in the study of ancient Near Eastern history, modern Middle Eastern history, religion, or foreign language, learning the Arabic language will help you in your academic pursuits. There are an ever-increasing amount of reasons why people should learn it. If you pay close attention, you will notice the existence of many borrowed words from Arabic, Farsi and Turkish as used in Hindi/Urdu, generally the most spoken language in most parts of India. Also, It was introduced in Indian Civil Services examination as early as 1963 for the first time and it became an optional subject to be taken at the preliminary stage of the examination from there onwards.

3- Professional Value

Demand for Westerners fluent in Arabic is high and supply is low- And no, I’m not only talking about the secret services that are desperately looking to hire anyone fluent in Arabic. I’m also talking about businesses, interpreting and translating. Being able to speak Arabic will give you the edge over your competition.

Professional vlue
career advancement
4- Career Advancement
  1. The Arabic language is assuming a central position in international business. The significance and importance of the Arabic language is one that cannot be underestimated in the modern world, and the scope of the Arabic language in India is huge.
  2. Learning of Arabic language opens up many employment avenues and possibilities in a number of different industries such as oil, travel, finance, industrial collaborations, and translation to name a few.
  3. There are many good opportunities in multi-national companies (MNC) And also you can earn huge money by translating projects of translation companies and interpreting with Arab delegates.you can also work as an Arabic interpreter in Tourism & Hospitality Field.
  4. Huge demand for Medical interpreters —Medical interpreters have been making life easier for the tens of thousands of international patients who arrive in the city like Delhi and Gurugram every year.

    These interpreters, hired by private hospitals, help foreign patients through their stay here, and, in the process, become an inseparable part of their life in India.

  5. the language of the Holy Quran — the Holy Book of Islam

    Arabic languages help you to Gain insights into the second largest religion in the world. if you are a Muslim, the scope of learning the Arabic language will put you in a better light of interacting and blending positively into the Islamic/Arabic culture — relating easily with millions of Muslim across the globe.



DURATION- 10 months

DAYS- 3 days in a week/weekend

LEVELS- Beginner,intermediate & Advance


DURATION- 3 months

Days- 3 days in a week/weekend

Levels- Intermediate 


DURATION- 2 months

Days- 3 days in a week/weekend


DURATION- 3 months

Days- 3 days in a week/weekend


DURATION- 3 months

Days- 3 days in a week/weekend

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